Rigging and Sails



Choice of material, top quality, the manufacturer’s choice: NORTH SAILS, material “Soft North Lane”

  • Square top mainsail : 96.00 m2
  • Vertical batten Solent : 74.00 m2
  • Staysail
  • Storm sail
  • Asymmetrical Spinnaker




  • CARBON mast (height 20m)
  • Swept spreaders, no backstays
  • CARBON boom (length 8m)
  • Textile rigging


To easily manoeuvre a large yacht it is advisable to have assistance at hand.
The TAVA’E uses a powerful hydraulic unit to manoeuvre the keels. It is naturally used to power the 4 winches necessary to easily manoeuvre the sails, particularly with a small crew.
(The unit also serves to manoeuvre the rear door and the two propulsion pods).